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1705092 coll. coll. - AVMA guidelines on euthanasia American Veterinary Medical Association 2007 English 549 pdf GET
1587250 Donald Sawyer Donald Sawyer - The Practice of Veterinary Anesthesia Small Animals, Birds, Fish, and Reptiles 2008 English. 4 pdf GET
2066720 E. van Pelt-Verkuil, W.B. van Leeuwen, R. te Witt (eds.) E. van Pelt-Verkuil, W.B. van Leeuwen, R. te Witt (eds.) - Molecular Diagnostics: Part 2: Clinical, Veterinary, Agrobotanical and Food Safety Applications Springer Singapore 2017 English 7 pdf GET
1587252 Elizabeth Welsh (ed.) Elizabeth Welsh (ed.) - Anaesthesia for Veterinary Nurses 2003 English. 4 pdf GET
1587050 Hilary Orpet, Perdi Welsh Hilary Orpet, Perdi Welsh - Handbook of Veterinary Nursing 2002 English 3 pdf GET
1711829 P.J. Quinn, B.K. Markey, F.C. Leonard, E.S. FitzPatrick &; S. Fanning P.J. Quinn, B.K. Markey, F.C. Leonard, E.S. FitzPatrick & S. Fanning - Concise Review of Veterinary Microbiology Wiley-Blackwell 2015 English 25 pdf GET
1587904 Peter G. G. Jackson Peter G. G. Jackson - Handbook of Veterinary Obstetrics 2004 English. 129 pdf GET
1587455 Timothy C. McCarthy Timothy C. McCarthy - Veterinary Endoscopy for the Small Animal Practitioner 2004 English 146 pdf GET
1587053 William J. Banks William J. Banks - Applied Veterinary Histology 1993 English 210 pdf GET
1499204 James E Guenther 101 Veterinary Inventory Questions Answered [1 ed.] 0 176 English 1 pdf GET
893796 Amanda L Donnelly; American Animal Hospital Association 101 veterinary practice management questions answered
9781583261279, 1583261273
AAHA Press 2010 209 English 2 pdf GET
893797 Katherine Dobbs 101 veterinary technician questions answered
9781583261286, 1583261281
American Animal Hospital Association Press 2009 209 English 4 pdf GET
893825 Carlos C Perez-Marin A bird's-eye view of veterinary medicine
9789535100317, 9535100319
InTech 2012 626 English 40 pdf GET
1358604 Niemiec, Brook A Veterinary Color Handbook Series
A colour handbook of small animal dentals, oral & maxillofacial disease [1 ed.]
978-1-84076-108-5, 1840761083
Manson 2010 272 p English 11 pdf GET
250983 William Moyer, John Schumacher A Guide to Equine Joint Injection and Regional Anesthesia
9781884254574, 1884254578
Veterinary Learning Systems 2007 110 English 45 pdf GET
904481 Henry Joseph Griffiths A handbook of veterinary parasitology : domestic animals of North America
0816608342, 9780816608348, 9780816608287, 0816608288
University of Minnesota Press 1978 258 English 14 pdf GET
133705 Richard V Tuson A Pharmacopoeia Including the Outlines of Materia Medica and Therapeutics for the Use of Practitioners and Students of Veterinary Medicine [1st edition]
9781152146822, 1152146823
General Books LLC 2010 325 English 6 pdf GET
1343820 Deborah Reeder,Sheri Miller,DeeAnn Wilfong, et al.John Wiley &; Sons, Inc.|Wiley||Wiley-BlackwellAdult NonfictionMedicalLanguage(s): EnglishOn sale date: 14.08.2012Street date: 30.07.2012 AAEVT's Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians
John Wiley & Sons;Wiley;Wiley-Blackwell 2012 468 English 17 epub GET
930819 J B McFerran; M S McNulty; Commission of the European Communities. Coordination of Agricultural Research Current topics in veterinary medicine and animal science, v. 37
Acute virus infections of poultry : a seminar in the CEC Agricultural Research Programme, held in Brussels, June 13-14, 1985
0898388090, 9780898388091
242 English 32 pdf GET
1295154 Jan Hawkins AVS Advances in Veterinary Surgery
Advances in Equine Upper Respiratory Surgery [1 ed.]
0470959606, 9780470959602
Wiley-Blackwell 2015 272 English 18 pdf GET
1302301 James Fingeroth, William Thomas AVS Advances in Veterinary Surgery
Advances in Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dogs and Cats [1 ed.]
0470959592, 9780470959596
Wiley-Blackwell 2015 344 English 15 pdf GET
395697 Peter Muir AVS Advances in Veterinary Surgery
Advances in the Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament [1 ed.]
0813818524, 9780813818528, 0813823641, 9780813823645
Wiley-Blackwell 2010 320 English 16 pdf GET
1071504 Hon. J. C. N. Osogo M.P., E.G.H. (auth.), A. D. Irvin, M. P. Cunningham, A. S. Young (eds.) Current Topics in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science 14
Advances in the Control of Theileriosis: Proceedings of an International Conference held at the International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases in Nairobi, 9–13th February, 1981 [1 ed.]
978-94-009-8348-9, 978-94-009-8346-5, 90-247-2429-5
Springer Netherlands 1981 427 English 8 pdf GET
995578 Advances in Veterinary Dermatology, Volume 7
9781118644874, 9781118644317
Wiley-Blackwell 2013 334 English 8 pdf GET
1288801 James L Bittle; Frederick A Murphy Advances in Veterinary Science and Comparative Medicine 33
Advances in veterinary science and comparative medicine. Vol. 33, Vaccine biotechnology
0-12-039233-X, 978-0-12-039233-9
Academic Press 1989 x, 444 p. : ill. ; 24 cm English 25 pdf GET

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