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1376689 Sam Coveney (auth.) Springer Theses
Fundamentals of Phase Separation in Polymer Blend Thin Films [1 ed.]
978-3-319-19398-4, 978-3-319-19399-1
Springer International Publishing 2015 171 English 7 pdf GET
1047982 Harry Walter, Donald E. Brooks and Paul A. Srere (Eds.) International Review of Cytology 192
Mlcrocompartmentatlon and Phase Separation in Cytoplasm
978-0-12-364596-8, 0-12-364596-4
Academic Press 1999 ii-xvi, 3-352 English 8 pdf GET
17777 Elbio Dagotto Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences
Nanoscale phase separation and colossal magnetoresistance (physics of manganites) [1st Edition.]
9783642077531, 3642077536
Springer 2003 463 English 7 djvu GET
908267 Elbio Dagotto; et al Springer series in solid-state sciences, 136
Nanoscale phase separation and colossal magnetoresistance : the physics of manganites and related compounds
3540432450, 9783540432456
Springer 2003 463 English 46 pdf GET
129053 Dagotto Nanoscale phase separation and colossal magnetoresistance. Manganites 2002 463 English 5 djvu GET
948278 Professor Dr. Elbio Dagotto (auth.) Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences 136
Nanoscale Phase Separation and Colossal Magnetoresistance: The Physics of Manganites and Related Compounds [1 ed.]
978-3-642-07753-1, 978-3-662-05244-0
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2003 459 English 18 pdf GET
947961 M. E. Fisher (auth.), Carlo Caccamo, Jean-Pierre Hansen, George Stell (eds.) NATO Science Series 529
New Approaches to Problems in Liquid State Theory: Inhomogeneities and Phase Separation in Simple, Complex and Quantum Fluids [1 ed.]
978-0-7923-5671-4, 978-94-011-4564-0
Springer Netherlands 1999 521 English 29 pdf GET
1148371 Ronald Hancock and Kwang W. Jeon (Eds.) International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology 307
New Models of the Cell Nucleus: Crowding, Entropic Forces, Phase Separation, and Fractals [1 ed.]
978-0-12-800046-5, 0128000465
Academic Press 2014 2-496 English 31 pdf GET
1163815 Christian Heinemann, Christiane Kraus (auth.) Phase Separation Coupled with Damage Processes: Analysis of Phase Field Models in Elastic Media [1 ed.]
978-3-658-05251-5, 978-3-658-05252-2
Springer Spektrum 2014 173 English 4 pdf GET
968347 K. Alex Müller (auth.), Professor Dr. Ernst Sigmund, Professor Dr. h.c. mult. K. Alex Müller (eds.) Phase Separation in Cuprate Superconductors: Proceedings of the second international workshop on “Phase Separation in Cuprate Superconductors” September 4–10, 1993, Cottbus, Germany [1 ed.]
978-3-642-78807-9, 978-3-642-78805-5
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1994 401 English 31 pdf GET
948319 Professor Pulat K. Khabibullaev, Professor Abdulla A. Saidov (auth.) Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences 138
Phase Separation in Soft Matter Physics: Micellar Solutions, Microemulsions, Critical Phenomena [1 ed.]
978-3-642-07863-7, 978-3-662-09278-1
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2003 186 English 5 pdf GET
967301 F. Ya. Galakhov (auth.), E. A. Porai-Koshits (eds.) The Structure of Glass / Stekloobraznoe Sostoyanie / Стеклооьразное Состояние
Phase-Separation Phenomena in Glasses / Likvatsionnye Yavleniya v Steklakh / Ликвационные Явления в Стеклах: Proceedings of the first All-Union Symposium on Phase-Separation Phenomena in Glasses, Leningrad, April 16–18, 1968 [1 ed.]
978-1-4757-0159-3, 978-1-4757-0157-9
Springer US 1973 208 English 4 pdf GET
1017008 B.M. Andreev, E.P. Magomedbekov, A.A. Raitman,, M.B. Pozenkevich, Yu.A. Sakharovsky and A.V. Khoroshilov (Auth.) Separation of Isotopes of Biogenic Elements in Two-phase Systems
Elsevier 2007 302 English 6 pdf GET
985111 Per-Åke Albertsson (auth.), Derek Fisher, Ian A. Sutherland (eds.) Separations Using Aqueous Phase Systems: Applications in Cell Biology and Biotechnology [1 ed.]
978-1-4684-5669-1, 978-1-4684-5667-7
Springer US 1989 504 English 9 pdf GET

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Немзер Л.А., Сыромятников Н.А.
Lagrange J.L.
Richard P. Stanley, Sergey Fomin
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P. M. Cohn
Джакалья Г.Е.О.
Хейман У., Кеннеди П.
Harold T. Davis
Kaczmarz, S., Steinhaus H.
Картан Э.
Audin M.
L. Boi, D. Flament, Jean-Michel Salanskis
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Юнг Дж.В. (J.W.Young)
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Chow B., Lu P., Ni L.
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Press W.H., Teukolsky S.A., Vetterling W.T., Flannery B.P.
Ernst Hairer, Gerhard Wanner, Christian Lubich (auth.)
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