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1306430 Lars Munck Affiliation: Department of Food Science, Faculty of Life Sciences, Chemometrics and Spectroscopy Group, Quality and Technology, University of Copenhagen, Rolighedsvej 30, DK-1958 Frederiksberg C, Denmark A new holistic exploratory approach to Systems Biology by Near Infrared Spectroscopy evaluated by chemometrics and data inspection CRC Press 2013 180 English 8 pdf GET
888790 Advanced Far Infrared Detectors LBL 1993 English 2 PDF GET
726535 Sarath D. Gunapala, David R. Rhiger and Chennupati Jagadish (Eds.) Semiconductors and Semimetals 84
Advances in Infrared Photodetectors [1 ed.]
0123813379, 9780123813374
Elsevier Science 2011 1-367 English 5 pdf GET
1111538 Gabor Patonay (Eds.) Advances in Near-Infrared Measurements
978-1-4831-0092-0, 1-55938-173-6
1993 149 English 2 pdf GET
1044512 Maurice H. Francombe and John L. Vossen (Eds.) Thin Films 23
Advances in Research and Development Heterojunctions for High-Speed and Infrared Applications
978-0-12-533023-7, 0-12-533023-5
Academic Press, Elsevier 1997 1-311 7 pdf GET
62800 Francombe M. (Ed.), Vossen J. (Ed) Advances in Research and Development: Homojunction and Quantum-Well Infrared Detectors: Homojunction and Quantum-Well Infrared Detectors [Volume 21]
1995 405 English 16 pdf GET
1106256 F. Scheinmann (Eds.) An Introduction to Spectroscopic Methods for the Identification of Organic Compounds. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Infrared Spectroscopy [1st ed.]
Pergamon 1970 201 English 4 pdf GET
1302959 J. S. Wells, G. E. Streit, F. R. Petersen NBS Technical Note 680
Application of Infrared Frequency Synthesis Techniques With Metal-Insulator-Metal Diodes to the Spin Flip Raman laser
National Bureau of Standards 1976 16 English 1 pdf GET
1021007 Yutaka Yamashita BS (auth.), Thomas Jue, Kazumi Masuda (eds.) Handbook of Modern Biophysics 4
Application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Biomedicine [1 ed.]
978-1-4614-6251-4, 978-1-4614-6252-1
Springer US 2013 151 English 3 pdf GET
1045910 Thomas Jue, Kazumi Masuda Handbook of Modern Biophysics
Application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Biomedicine [2013 ed.]
1461462517, 9781461462514
Springer 2013 141 English 3 pdf GET
1080211 Frank S. Parker (auth.) Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy in Biochemistry, Biology, and Medicine [1 ed.]
978-1-4684-1874-3, 978-1-4684-1872-9
Springer US 1971 602 English 9 pdf GET
1091450 M. Harwit (auth.), F. Casoli, J. Lequeux, F. David (eds.) Les Houches - Ecole d’Ete de Physique Theorique 70
Astronomie spatiale infrarouge, aujourd’hui et demain Infrared space astronomy, today and tomorrow [1 ed.]
978-3-540-67386-6, 978-3-540-45573-8
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2000 454 English 8 pdf GET
145169 N. Carleton (Eds.) Methods in Experimental Physics 12, Part A
Astrophysics: Optical and Infrared
9780124759121, 0124759122, 9780080859903
Academic Press 1974 iii-xvii, 1-587 English 4 djvu GET
1069651 P. B. W. Schwering, F. P. Israel (auth.) Atlas and Catalogue of Infrared Sources in the Magellanic Clouds [1 ed.]
978-94-010-6728-7, 978-94-009-0537-5
Springer Netherlands 1990 224 English 24 pdf GET
207022 Nguyen Trung Thà nh, Dinh Nho Hà o, Hichem Sahli (auth.), Riad I. Hammoud (eds.) Advances in Pattern Recognition
Augmented Vision Perception in Infrared: Algorithms and Applied Systems [1 ed.]
Springer-Verlag London 2009 471 English 70 pdf GET
658167 A. Barth, P.I. Haris Biological and Biomedical Infrared Spectroscopy, Volume 2 Advances in Biomedical Spectroscopy
1607500450, 9781607500452
IOS Press 2009 449 English 12 pdf GET
480897 Barbara Stuart, D. J. Ando Biological Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy ACOL (Cloth) (Analytical Chemistry By Open Learning (Series).)
0471974137, 9780471974130
1999 212 English 32 pdf GET
894762 David Moss RSC analytical spectroscopy monographs, 11
Biomedical applications of synchrotron infrared microspectroscopy
9780854041541, 0854041540
Royal Society of Chemistry 2011 397 English 181 pdf GET
500717 A. Ray Hilton Chalcogenide Glasses for Infrared Optics [1 ed.]
0071596976, 9780071596978
McGraw-Hill Professional 2009 304 English 7 pdf GET
134554 c rao Chemical Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy [1st edition]
9780125802505, 0125802501
Academic Press 1963 692 English 23 djvu GET
282570 Joe Farace A Lark Photography Book
Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography
9781579907723, 1579907725
Lark Books 2006 158 English 25 pdf GET
873552 Peter Hamm; Martin T Zanni Concepts and Methods of 2D Infrared Spectroscopy
9781107000056, 110700005X
Cambridge University Press 2011 298 English 5 pdf GET
675682 Peter Hamm, Martin Zanni Concepts and Methods of 2D Infrared Spectroscopy [1 ed.]
110700005X, 9781107000056
Cambridge University Press 2011 298 English 6 pdf GET
737659 Peter Hamm, Martin Zanni Concepts and Methods of 2D Infrared Spectroscopy [1 ed.]
110700005X, 9781107000056
Cambridge University Press 2011 298 English 3 djvu GET
105494 Dana W. Mayo, Foil A. Miller, Robert W. Hannah Course notes on the interpretation of infrared and Raman spectra [1 ed.]
9780471248231, 0471248231
Wiley-Interscience 2004 583 English 14 pdf GET

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Калиткин Н.Н., и др.
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Картан Э.
C. A. Rogers
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