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277472 Jinzhi Wang, Zhisheng Duan, Ying Yang, Lin Huang Analysis And Control Of Nonlinear Systems With Stationary Sets: Time-Domain and Frequency-Domain Methods
9812814698, 9789812814692
World Scientific Publishing Company 2009 334 English 4 pdf GET
958988 A. J. Pritchard (auth.), R. F. Curtain, A. Bensoussan, J. L. Lions (eds.) Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 185
Analysis and Optimization of Systems: State and Frequency Domain Approaches for Infinite-Dimensional Systems: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference Sophia-Antipolis, France, June 9–12, 1992
978-3-540-56155-2, 978-3-540-47480-7
Springer Berlin Heidelberg 1993 XIII, 648 pp. 54 figs., 23 tabs. English 9 pdf GET
981842 György Terdik (auth.) Lecture Notes in Statistics 142
Bilinear Stochastic Models and Related Problems of Nonlinear Time Series Analysis: A Frequency Domain Approach [1 ed.]
978-0-387-98872-6, 978-1-4612-1552-3
Springer-Verlag New York 1999 270 English 7 pdf GET
1334141 Xingjian Jing, Ziqiang Lang (auth.) Understanding Complex Systems
Frequency Domain Analysis and Design of Nonlinear Systems based on Volterra Series Expansion: A Parametric Characteristic Approach [1 ed.]
978-3-319-12390-5, 978-3-319-12391-2
Springer International Publishing 2015 331 English 8 pdf GET
998406 Yu?Ping Tian(auth.) Frequency-Domain Analysis and Design of Distributed Control Systems
9780470828205, 9780470828229
Wiley-IEEE Press 2012 279 English 3 pdf GET
1495855 Jorge L. Moiola, Guanrong Chen World Scientific Series on Nonlinear Science Series A, 21
Hopf Bifurcation Analysis: A Frequency Domain Approach
9789810226282, 9789814499101, 9789812798633
World Scientific 1996 xv + 326 English 13 pdf GET

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 Ляпунов А.А., Лупанов О.Б.
Линдеман Х.
Тимошенко С.П., Войновский-Кригер С.
Adrian Akmajian, Richard A. Demers, Ann K. Farmer, Robert M. Harnish
Kevin Chambers, Wesley Palmer
Юшкевич А.П. (ред.)
George Boolos, John P. Burgess, Richard Jeffrey
Evariste Galois, Sophie Lie
Артин Е.
Мищенко Е.Ф., Розов Н.Х.
Бутковский А.Г.
Смирнов М.М.
Thomas Rießinger
Желтухин В.С.
Мышкис А.Д.
Michael Wilson (auth.)
Гохберг И.Ц., Крейн М.Г.
Коротков В.Б.
Haynes R. Miller, Douglas C. Ravenel
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