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133137 Borgioli G., Totaro S. 3D-Streaming Operator With Multiplying Boundary Conditions: Semigroup Generation Properties 1997 8 English 197 pdf GET
133447 Kerimov N. B. A Boundary Value Problem for the Dirac System with a Spectral Parameter in the Boundary Conditions 2002 11 English 154 pdf GET
995749 Hugo Hens(auth.) Applied Building Physics: Boundary Conditions, Building Performance and Material Properties
9783433029626, 9783433600917
2010 319 English 5 pdf GET
1489087 Senior, Thomas B. A.; Volakis, J. L IEE electromagnetic waves series 41
Approximate boundary conditions in electromagnetics
0-85296-849-3, 9780852968499
Institution of Electrical Engineers 1995 353 English 13 pdf GET
1440810 Danishevskiĭ, Vladislav Valentinovich; Ivankov, Andrey; Andrianov, Igorʹ Vasilʹevich; Awrejcewicz, Jan Asymptotic Methods in the Theory of Plates with Mixed Boundary Conditions [1 ed.]
9781118725139, 1118725131, 9781118725146, 111872514X, 9781118725184, 1118725182, 978-1-118-72519-1, 1118725190
John Wiley & Sons 2014 286 English 5 pdf GET
134888 Hall E.H. Conditions of Electric Equilibrium at Boundary Surfaces; Volta Effect 1924 6 English 608 pdf GET
1912868 Warnick K., Selfridge R., Arnold D. Electromagnetic boundary conditions using differential forms English 1 pdf GET
842062 Ingo Müller Entropy, Absolute Temperature and Coldness in Thermodynamics: Boundary Conditions in Porous Materials [1 ed.]
3211811265, 9783211811269
Springer 1972 27 English 540 djvu GET
1180695 Ingo Mueller (auth.) International Centre for Mechanical Sciences 76
Entropy, Absolute Temperature and Coldness in Thermodynamics: Boundary Conditions in Porous Materials [1 ed.]
978-3-211-81126-9, 978-3-7091-2965-4
Springer-Verlag Wien 1971 51 English 3 pdf GET
144491 Agmon, Douglis, Nirenberg. Estimates near the boundary for solutions of elliptic PDEs satysfying general boundary conditions I-II Comm. on pure and appl. math. 1959 163 English 1 djvu GET
62712 Filippucci R., Pucci P., Radulescu V. Existence and non-existence results for quasilinear elliptic exterior problems with nonlinear boundary conditions 2000 9 English 238 pdf GET
67280 Vitillaro E. Global existence for the heat equation with nonlinear dynamical boundary conditions 29 English 348 pdf GET
61672 Chierchia L., You J. KAM tori for 1D nonlinear wave equations with periodic boundary conditions 1999 30 English 398 pdf GET
1180676 Carlo Ferrari (auth.) International Centre for Mechanical Sciences 146
Lectures on Radiating Gasdynamics: General Equations and Boundary Conditions [1 ed.]
978-3-211-81204-4, 978-3-7091-2922-7
Springer-Verlag Wien 1974 82 English 5 pdf GET
925195 Matthias Khne Lp-theory for incompressible newtonian flows : energy preserving boundary conditions, weakly
3658010517, 9783658010515
Springer 2013 182 English 1 pdf GET
976430 Matthias Köhne (auth.) Lp-Theory for Incompressible Newtonian Flows: Energy Preserving Boundary Conditions, Weakly Singular Domains [1 ed.]
978-3-658-01051-5, 978-3-658-01052-2
Springer Spektrum 2013 183 English 1 pdf GET
2108403 Kazuaki Taira Memoirs AMS 475
On the Existence of Feller Semigroups With Boundary Conditions
0821825356, 9780821825358
Amer Mathematical Society 1992 65 English 630 djvu GET
60375 Ambrosetti A., Li Y.Y., Malchiodi A. On the Yamabe problem and the scalar curvature problems under boundary conditions 26 English 385 pdf GET
918858 Mikhail A. Lyalinov, Ning Yan Zhu The Mario Boella Series on Electromagnetism in Information & Communication
Scattering of Waves by Wedges and Cones with Impedance Boundary Conditions: ISMB Series
161353003X, 9781613530030
SciTech Publishing/IET 2013 xiv+216 English 7 pdf GET
812257 W. I. Simms, G. M. Newman, Steel Construction Institute Single storey steel framed buildings in fire boundary conditions
1859421350, 9781859421352
The Steel Construction Institute 2002 86 English 1 pdf GET
139248 morse M. Singular Points of Vector Fields under General Boundary Conditions 1928 3 English 307 pdf GET
1335558 Guoyong Jin, Tiangui Ye, Zhu Su (auth.) Structural Vibration: A Uniform Accurate Solution for Laminated Beams, Plates and Shells with General Boundary Conditions [1 ed.]
978-3-662-46363-5, 978-3-662-46364-2
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2015 312 English 10 pdf GET
388863 Sergey V. Yuferev, Nathan Ida Surface Impedance Boundary Conditions: A Comprehensive Approach [1 ed.]
1420044893, 9781420044898
CRC Press 2009 410 English 5 pdf GET
1415522 Mihai Ciucu Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society 0935
The scaling limit of the correlation of holes on the triangular lattice with periodic boundary conditions
0821843265, 978-0-8218-4326-0
Amer Mathematical Society 2009 118 English 1 pdf GET

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