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415465 Warwick Lister Amico: The Life of Giovanni Battista Viotti
0195372409, 9780195372403
2009 544 English 2 pdf GET1 GET2
1501708 Robert E. Williams Jr., Paul R. Viotti Praeger Security International
Arms Control [2 volumes]: History, Theory, and Policy
0275998207, 9780275998202
Praeger 2012 784 English 2 pdf GET1 GET2
978507 Anthony M. Santomero, Staffan Viotti, Anders Vredin (auth.), Anthony M. Santomero, Staffan Viotti, Anders Vredin (eds.) Challenges for Central Banking [1 ed.]
978-1-4419-4891-5, 978-1-4757-3306-8
Springer US 2001 274 English 5 pdf GET1 GET2
528893 Emilia Viotti da Costa Crowns of Glory, Tears of Blood: The Demerara Slave Rebellion of 1823
0195106563, 9780195106565, 9781429415637
1997 401 English 25 pdf GET1 GET2
579024 Emília Viotti da Costa. Da monarquia à república : momentos decisivos
492 Portuguese 1 pdf GET1 GET2
786530 Armando Albertazzi Jr, Matias R. Viotti (auth.), Tom Proulx (eds.) Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series volume 999
Engineering Applications of Residual Stress, Volume 8: Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics [1 ed.]
1461402247, 9781461402244
Springer-Verlag New York 2011 140 English 19 pdf GET1 GET2
1165028 Paul R. Viotti, Mark V. Kauppi 5th Edition
International Relations and World Politics [5 ed.]
0205854648, 9780205854646
Pearson 2012 576 English 21 pdf GET1 GET2
1172266 Paul R. Viotti, Mark V. Kauppi 5th Edition
International Relations Theory [5 ed.]
0205082939, 9780205082933
Pearson 2012 496 English 3 pdf GET1 GET2
1451056 Piero Viotto Introduzione a Maritain Laterza 2000 207 Italian 4 pdf GET1 GET2
8714 Viot P. Methodes d'analyse numerique [lectures ed.] 2007 133 English 714 pdf GET1 GET2
905878 A Cassatella; Roberto Viotti; International Astronomical Union. Colloquium Lecture notes in physics, 369
Physics of classical novae : proceedings of Colloquium no. 122 of the International Astronomical Union held in Madrid, Spain, on 27-30 June 1989
3540535004, 9783540535003, 0387535004, 9780387535005
Springer-Verlag 1990 472 English 22 pdf GET1 GET2
18808 Willem Wamsteker (auth.), A. Cassatella, R. Viotti (eds.) Lecture Notes in Physics 369
Physics of Classical Novae: Proceedings of Colloquium No. 122 of the International Astronomical Union Held in Madrid, Spain, on 27–30 June 1989 [1 ed.]
3540535004, 9783540535003, 0387535004
Springer Berlin Heidelberg 1990 472 English 4 djvu GET1 GET2
1070458 B. Baschek (auth.), Roberto Viotti, Alberto Vittone, Michael Friedjung (eds.) Astrophysics and Space Science Library 138
Physics of Formation of FeII Lines Outside LTE: Proceedings of the 94th Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Anacapri, Capri Island, Italy, 4–8 July 1986 [1 ed.]
978-94-010-8285-3, 978-94-009-4023-9
Springer Netherlands 1988 349 English 14 pdf GET1 GET2
1037521 D. Ronen, S. Sorek (auth.), Professor Dr. Gunnar Nützmann, Professor Dr. Paolo Viotti, Professor Dr. Per Aagaard (eds.) Reactive Transport in Soil and Groundwater: Processes and Models [1 ed.]
978-3-540-26744-7, 978-3-540-26746-1
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2005 298 English 5 pdf GET1 GET2
1429992 Albertazzi, Armando; Viotti, Matias R SPIE Press monograph PM251
Robust speckle metrology techniques for stress analysis and NDT
9781628413182, 1628413182, 9781628413199, 1628413190
SPIE 2014 176 English 25 pdf GET1 GET2
9110 Viot P. Simulation numerique en physique statistique [lectures ed.] 2007 148 English 1 pdf GET1 GET2
1132134 Donald A. Dawson, Andreas Greven (auth.) Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2092
Spatial Fleming-Viot Models with Selection and Mutation [1 ed.]
978-3-319-02152-2, 978-3-319-02153-9
Springer International Publishing 2014 856 English 7 pdf GET1 GET2
628776 Paul Viotti, Michael Opheim, Nicholas Bowen Terrorism and Homeland Security: Thinking Strategically About Policy
1420077732, 9781420077735, 9781420077742
CRC Press 2008 354 English 9 pdf GET1 GET2
1071390 Jorge Sahade (auth.), Michael Friedjung, Roberto Viotti (eds.) Astrophysics and Space Science Library 95
The Nature of Symbiotic Stars: Proceedings of IAU Colloquium No. 70 Held at the Observatoire De Haute Provence, 26–28 August, 1981 [1 ed.]
978-94-009-7836-2, 978-94-009-7834-8
Springer Netherlands 1982 329 English 13 pdf GET1 GET2
1070194 David Allen (auth.), Joanna Mikolajewska, Michael Friedjung, Scott J. Kenyon, Roberto Viotti (eds.) Astrophysics and Space Science Library 145
The Symbiotic Phenomenon: Proceedings of the 103rd Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Torun, Poland, August 18–20, 1987 [1 ed.]
978-94-010-7833-7, 978-94-009-2969-2
Springer Netherlands 1988 380 English 24 pdf GET1 GET2

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 Kurt Gödel
Марченко, Хруслов.
Мусхелишвили Н.И.
Aldo Andreotti
Dean G. Duffy
Pavol Quittner, Philippe Souplet
Urban K.
L. Schwartz
Городецкий В.В., и др.
Bliss G.A.
Дольд А.
Казарян М.Э.
Charles Chui, Larry L. Schumaker
Grotendorst J., Marx D., Muramatsu A. (eds.)
Deturck D., Wilf H.
Guido Kanschat
Короновский А.А., Храмов А.Е.
Аминов Л.К.
Aigner M., Ziegler G.M.

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