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    1124981 William Symes Andrews Magic Squares and Cubes [2 Revised]
    0486206580, 9780486206585
    Dover Pubns 1960 419 English 135 pdf GET1 GET2
    9952 Andrews W. Magic Squares and Cubes [2 ed.] 1917 428 English 7 djvu GET1 GET2
    622496 W. S. Andrews MAGIC SQUARES AND CUBES, Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged Open Court Basic Readers 1917 428 English 19 pdf GET1 GET2
    175102 Magic Squares Cubes Andrews 428 English 24 pdf GET1 GET2

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    G T Kneebone
    Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell
    Серебрянников О.Ф.
    Барут А., Рончка Р.
    Kuik G.R.
    Петровский И.Г.
    William Jones, A. Sri Ranga
    Xiaoxin Liao, L.Q. Wang and Pei Yu (Eds.)
    Франк Ф., Мизес Р.
    Цлаф Л.Я.
    Martin Golubitsky, Victor Guillemin (auth.)
    Sauer R.
    P. J. Hilton
    Kennington A.U.
    Wolfgang Kuhnel
    Michor P.W.
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