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how cancer is caused
Metathesis polymerization of N-aryl norbornene dicarboximides. I
THE ELEMENTS OF GRAPHING DATA. William S. Cleveland, Hobart Press, Summit, New Jersey, 1994. No. of pages: 297. Price: £35 hardback. ISBN: 0-9634884-1-4
Interaction in information retrieval: Selection and effectiveness of search terms
Therapeutic node dissections in malignant melanoma
Degradation propensity in Australian land tenure systems
Commercially sponsored supplements
Development of an easily deinkable copy toner using soy-based copolyamides
All-atom empirical force field for nucleic acids: I. Parameter optimization based on small molecule and condensed phase macromolecular target data
Unsaturated polyester resins with different allyl ethers as crosslinking built-in monomers
The Impact of Withering Temperature on Black Tea Quality
Lectins and antibodies to blood group antigens as markers for the basal cells of the human respiratory epithelium
Antiamnesic activity of the nicotinic agonist DBO-83 in mice
Pines and other conifers in Thailand – a Quaternary relic?
A new method of modelling the rock micro-fracturing process in double-torsion experiments using neural networks
Ets-1 regulates angiogenesis by inducing the expression of urokinase-type plasminogen activator and matrix metalloproteinase-1 and the migration of vascular endothelial cells